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Brian Alexander

Language: English

Qualified to guide in: Orkney

Driver guide: No

Available: All year


Phone: 01856781223 or 07748498143


Alexander, B.jpg

I am an ‘Orcadian’, that is to say I was born and bred in Orkney, where my family have farmed for generations. My wife Jane and I have a small farm, just outside Kirkwall overlooking Scapa Flow. I am passionate about the history and culture of Orkney and I do not consider it a chore to supplement my farming income by showing visitors around Orkney in general and Kirkwall in particular.


I offer tours of all the major archaeological sites on the Orkney Mainland, as a ‘step on guide’ in your own, or a third party vehicle. I played the traditional Kirkwall street football game ‘The Ba’, for over thirty years. So in addition to all the usual tours, I offer a unique Kirkwall walking tour following the Ba’s route and explaining the finer points of the game. I can also offer Itinerary, transport and accommodation advice, planning and/or booking to make the most of you or your groups’ visit to Orkney.


If you would like more information Visit my Website

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