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Anne Gascoigne

Language: English

Qualified to guide in: Orkney

Driver guide: No

Available: All year


Phone: N/A

Website: N/A

Gascoigne, A.JPG

I have lived in Orkney for two decades and still not explored all these islands have to offer. Not a very good advert for an 'expert' Tourist Guide - but it just goes to show how much there is to see!

I qualified as a STGA Regional Affiliate in 2004 but keep my skills up to date and I am also familiar with other island groups: namely Shetland and The Western Isles. I am available year round as a "step-on" guide in your vehicle (be it coach or car) or to lead you along a walking route. My individual tours tend to have a slower pace with opportunity to investigate or daydream, to take in huge landscapes and very small wild plants - and for some creative photography. I am passionately interested Orkney's land, sea and sky and conserving our natural environment and biodiversity.


#slowadventuring #lookcloser

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